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Need Custom Stairs in Edmonton? We Are the Right Choice


Every residential and commercial property has a different design. The stairs, doors, windows and other elements in your property have to be specifically designed to complement the décor. Turn to The Stair Shop if you want unique, custom stairs in your Edmonton property. Our team is available for on-site measurements, delivery and installation in both local and surrounding areas. We also ship our products to customers in Northern Alberta! From interior and exterior stairs to deck stairs and pre-manufactured staircases, we can design and build them all. To learn more about our services or to get a quote, please contact us today. We look forward to hearing from you.

On-site Measuring and Delivery


At The Stair Shop, we make the whole process easy for you. When you schedule a service with us, we will visit your property and take accurate measurements if required. Once this is done, we discuss the project to understand your requirements and provide options. The plan and your wishes dictate what is built. This will help us provide the staircase of your dreams.


We drop stairs off to site, we don't install stairs. The framer or client arranges installation. Call us now to schedule your on-site measurement or to get the stairs shipped to your property.


Email us your blueprint for a free quote on it.

Stairs Terminology

  • Rise or Riser: Height of step or what your toe hits when you walk up a stair
  • Tread: What your foot steps on
  • Rise Height: Top of tread to top of tread
  • Total Rise/Height: From top of floor to top of floor
  • Nosing: 1-inch overhang on the front of a tread
  • Tread Run: Depth of tread from front of riser to front of riser
  • Total Run/Length: Total horizontal space taken up by a stair
  • Rough Opening Width: Width from framing to framing
  • OSM: Outside of stringer measurement
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